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First Riding


  • Jossy's films
  • Digital product
  • Duration 31:41,21:15,13:13

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First Riding: First Riding starts at 5.5 years of age. You train the horse on the first three aids.Before this, the horse is gradually accustomed to the rider's weight on its back (see film: Desensitising the horse to the rider's weight). It is now learning for the first time to take its first steps forward and this is quite exciting for both horse and rider. Everything should be logical and gradual. How to react lightly to the leg aids, how to stop and go back with the rein aids. We systematically show the horse the first steering movements. We keep the riding sessions very short (a few minutes) to avoid overloading the horse so that it continues to show willingness. We only do this at a walking pace until the horse has found its balance (+/- 10 months). You train your horse and remain patient and positive. The horse is a beginner!

This purchase consists of 3 videos.

  • Theory First Riding [31:41]
  • Handwork First Riding [21:15]
  • Physical First Riding [13:13]