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Webshop > Cavemore bridle (stirrup)

Cavemore bridle (stirrup)


The Cavemore is made from high quality leather. The parts behind the ears and nose are lightly padded with a soft material.

Each piece of leather on the Cavemore is customizable, so we can make it to fit any head, big or small. It is important to note that the Cavemore is made from a good, supple quality of leather to feel light and comfortable around your horse's head. It does not restrict movement around the sensitive head.

The Cavemore's chin strap has only 1 ring and is adjusted so that it does not interfere with the action of the stirrup shanks.

The stirrup shanks are broken and move independently, giving more contact with the horse's skin. The advantage is that you can ride with both hands.

The aim is to create a more supple neck base so that the horse develops the correct muscles and gets a better neck position. The Cavemore is not designed to provide better control.

These shanks are similar to a snaffle bit.

Please note that it is impossible to tie your horse with this bridle. It is not a stable halter, it is a riding and ground work halter. It cannot withstand certain forces, such as a horse stepping on the rope or standing tied up and starting to pull.

If this happens, the noseband and/or rear noseband will break. They are not strong enough or designed for this.

To tie your horse, we recommend a pasture halter.

Minor color changes are possible due to varying light conditions during photography, as well as production-related.