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Pascale Bogaerts

Pascale Bogaerts

As well as being a mum to 2 amazing sons, 1 amazing daughter and a plus-mum to an amazing plus-daughter, I divide my time between our four-legged friends, work and ceramics.

Horses have always fascinated me. I think they are beautiful, graceful creatures and at the same time so impressive and powerful.
Halcon, my black PRE, is one of my most beautiful gifts. Jossy gave him to me as a wedding present.
Our development together has been a search and discovery of myself. I was not "born" among horses and had to start from scratch. The way we learn together is absolutely amazing to me. We are given space, time and a nice logical structure.
This way of being together and training puts you in the moment and that is what I sometimes need in this hectic world where you are often forced to "think". With the arrival of Halcon I know what a horse can do for a person.
I know for myself that I would never ride with a snaffle. If that was the only way to achieve lightness, I would never ride a horse.

In 2019 I passed the ground and lunge test with Halcon and I am very proud of it :-).

Since 2007 I am responsible for the administrative part of Jossy-Reynvoet.
Organising, answering daily questions, developing and implementing new projects and much more is part of my "work package" in our company.

I am happy to answer all your questions.