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You bring your horse in education

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You bring your horse in education

We offer you the opportunity to bring your horse to us for training. To stay true to our philosophy, we start every horse from the ground up, no matter what level your horse is at.

We offer horse training based on the natural skills of the horse. Jossy Reynvoet trains the horse with a working method based on concentration, respect and trust, resulting in security and confidence in the relationship between man and horse. Jossy Reynvoet trains all horses without a bit.

The training can be very varied or, if necessary, more specific.

20 days of training:

At the end of this period you can expect a saddle trained horse that can move independently under the rider. For a moderately experienced rider, this horse is ready for work. Experience shows that this period is sufficient to prepare a young horse for life under the saddle. If it turns out that your horse needs more time, we will discuss this with you. Horses undergoing retraining often need more time.

5, 10 and 15 days of training:

If you are experiencing difficulties with your horse in certain situations, we can offer shorter training sessions depending on the issue and problem. Goals can be; regaining confidence in the trailer, in traffic, learning the basic lateral movements necessary for straightening, gymnastics and others. Longer periods than indicated are of course possible.

The follow-up process:

We can continue to help horses and riders together after the training. There are a number of options, which we tailor to the wishes and capabilities of horse and rider. For example, you can leave your horse with us for a longer period and take lessons together. We can also train the horse for a number of hours. Or you can leave your horse at Bornehoeve and return regularly for lessons.

Housing & Nutrition during training: 

The horse stays at Bornehoeve during training. Training horses are kept separately in a paddock with a shelter and a hay box. Manure is removed from the paddocks and boxes every morning. The horses have access to hay, straw and fresh water. You must bring your own hard feed.

Price: €25.00 per day for boarding and €75.00 per training session.