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Trailer loading

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Trailer loading

  • Duration 26:28,38:06,34:50,32:00,33:18,06:46
  • €54,99
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You can't get your horse into the trailer (or truck), or it takes a long time?

If you have problems loading your horse onto the trailer or truck, this film can help. You will learn systematically how to load your horse onto the trailer again with confidence.

Everything is structured step by step so it is easy for you and your horse to understand. We always start with ground work in a place away from the trailer. This is where we teach the horse the necessary actions to (re)load with confidence. The essential steps for loading the trailer are: stopping, moving backwards, moving forwards, moving the forehand and moving the hindquarters. (Give yourself and your horse time).

Once your horse understands the actions, you can begin to explore the trailer or truck. We do this step by step so that eventually your horse will be able to get in and out of the trailer calmly and independently and will be able to stand up on his own.

Through his years of experience, Jossy Reynvoet has developed an efficient and simple method for both horse and human. It is a logical, systematic and progressive method that anyone can learn and use. Watch and study the video (several times) before you start. Be patient, train your horse and you will succeed.

This purchase consists of 6 videos:
What can go wrong? [26:28]
Trailer loading Phase 01 [38:06]
Trailer loading Phase 02 [34:50]
Trailer loading Phase 03 [32:00]
Trailer loading Phase 04 [33:18]
Trailer loading Phase 05 [06:46]