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Trailer loading

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Trailer loading


If you have problems loading your horse onto the trailer or truck, you can call on the expertise of Jossy Reynvoet.

This will be done step by step, in a clear and understandable way for you and your horse. Jossy Reynvoet always starts with groundwork to gain your horse's focus, trust and respect. Once your horse understands and accepts his actions, he will explore the trailer or truck.

This is also done step by step so that eventually your horse will be able to confidently get in and out of the trailer on its own. Once this phase has been completed, you will be taught the same actions so that, under Jossy Reynnvoet's guidance, you will be able to load your horse onto the trailer or truck without any difficulty. Through his years of experience, Jossy Reynvoet has developed an efficient, spontaneous, simple and harmonious method for horse and man. It is a method that is in tune with our nature and can be learnt and used by everyone.

Price: on request
We need to know the address where the horse is stabled to calculate the price.