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Recorded Video coaching – 1 Session – 15 + 30 Min

Academy > Recorded Video coaching – 1 Session – 15 + 30 Min

Recorded Video coaching – 1 Session – 15 + 30 Min

Send your recorded video.

How does it work?

All you have to do is upload a video of up to 15 minutes via YouTube and send it to us via a private link. We will then contact you to arrange a time for you to video call with Jossy for up to half an hour via Zoom or Skype. During this video call, Jossy will explain his prepared feedback to you as you watch the video together. He will also be happy to give you instructions on how to proceed with your horse.

Who is it for?

Recorded Video Coaching is for everyone:

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.

Whether you are about to take your first steps in Academic Riding or Bitless Riding.

Whether you have a lot of experience or not.

Your video should be a maximum of 15 minutes long and your interview with Jossy will last 30 minutes.

The process

1. You buy your session.

2. Once we have registered your order and payment, we will contact you with further instructions.

3. You send us an email with the link to your video* to

4. Once we have received your video**, we will schedule an appointment via Skype or Zoom***.

* Unsure about posting and sharing a video with a private link on YouTube?

** Make sure your quality is good for the best and most detailed feedback. Keep your camera steady so we can get a clear picture of you and your horse.

*** Not familiar with Skype or Zoom?

We are happy to help.