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Leading and Circling

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Leading and Circling

  • Duration 25:00,33:19,18:56
  • €45,00
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In the Leading and Circle Technique, the trainer's position changes from more beside the horse to more behind the horse.

The aim now is to gradually make the horse more confident. In the lead technique your position changes next to the horse. The horse's head is in front of your shoulder and its front legs are behind your feet. In other words, you are standing next to the horse's neck. If you are standing on his right side, hold the lead line in your left hand. If you are standing on his left side, hold the lead in your right hand. The horse should learn to concentrate on you even when you are no longer in front of him and are daring to move forward. He must respect your intention and not push you away to take a shortcut. Don't look at him, look at the path your intention (line of travel) wants to take. You walk with your head, shoulders and hips parallel to your horse. Your horse is now walking beside you and is your partner, willingly following you and becoming more independent because he can see the objects at the same time as you.

In the circle technique you are even further back in relation to your horse. Again, your horse needs to focus on you and be brave enough to move forward. You stand next to the saddle and later even next to the hindquarters. If you are standing next to his left side, your lead line will be in your left hand. If you are standing next to his right side, the lead line will be in your right hand. The idea of this technique is that your horse learns to walk in a straight line with you and that you can lead him from there with your intention (travelling line). In this way he learns to look at strange objects and pass them without depending on you. Later we will also use this technique for lunging and gymnastics. The most important thing to learn is to walk straight on or around corners. In short, stay on the hoof track - the how and why of all this is explained in this film.

This purchase consists of 3 videos:
- Theory Leading and Circling [25:00]
- Leading technique in practice [33:19]
- Circle technique in practice [18:56]