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Basic Riding

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Basic Riding

  • Duration 35:50,27:22,54:37
  • €45,00
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We start "Basic Riding" when the horse is +/- 6.5 years old. We gradually teach the horse the last 4 basic aids and gently introduce the trot. Duration -/+ 10 months until the horse has found its balance in trot.

The horse learns to relax in the poll (atlanto-occipital joint) when we help with the reins and legs at the same time. Everything should be logical and gradual. Then respond with lightness to the indirect rein aids to move the shoulders without affecting the head. The next step is to give way to the versal leg. And then, as a final aid, the focus leg. Riding sessions become longer and longer (+/- 15-20 minutes) and our horse gradually becomes more obedient and stronger. We are careful not to overload the horse so that it continues to show willingness. We teach the horse the aids from standing to movement, then at a walk and then gradually at a trot until the horse finds balance in the walk and trot and transitions (+/- 10 months). When the horse is ready, you must do many transitions and ride in a straight line. You coach your horse and remain patient and positive. The horse is still a beginner.

This purchase consists of 3 videos:
- Theory Basic Riding [35:50]
- Handwork Basic Riding [27:22]
- Practice Basic Riding [54:37]