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Follow and Focus


  • Jossy's films
  • Digital product
  • Duration 34:02,15:10,19:12

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The Follow and Focus techniques are the first 2 techniques you will use to go out on the trail with your horse. The positions you take within the techniques are crucial.The Follow technique teaches your horse to look at you, to stop when you stop, and to walk in your footsteps at the required distance. You go first and the horse follows, concentrating on you. Over your shoulder you keep an eye on him with a gentle look. He will gain confidence in you and in the path he has to take. You show him that it is safe by going ahead and walking the path first. (for young and unsure horses)In the Focus technique, you always walk in front of your horse (face to face). So you walk backwards, looking at your horse, while your horse walks ahead behind you. You make sure you keep the distance between you and your horse. In this position you have more control over your horse if he wants to rush forward. For example, through a narrow passage, or if something approaches from behind that makes him want to run ahead. You can also start to explore places or things that are not obvious to your horse, such as a trailer, the corners of an arena, and later, strange objects. This position will also be used later when learning the diagonal aids. (travers, shoulder in and renvers).Once you have mastered these two techniques, you can gradually go out with your horse. Going into the woods and gradually exploring traffic will be part of your training programme.