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Working student

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Working student

Would you like to spend days immersed in the Jossy Reynvoet - Bitless Art of Riding structure?

It is a good choice, especially if you are curious about the harmonious unity of awareness, horsemanship and the academic art of riding. As a trainee/working student you are welcome all year round. You will receive 30 minute private lessons three times a week with Jossy Reynvoet. Once you have completed your assignments, you are welcome to come to the grandstand and watch all the training and lessons. It's best to come with your horse, but if that doesn't work, we'll see what we can do together. You can use our studio with kitchen, sitting area, private bedroom and shower room. You only need to provide your own food and concentrate for your horse if you give it to us. We accept a maximum of 2 trainees per period. The minimum commitment is six weeks. You will be available seven days a week from 08h00 to 19h30 (you will have free time in between :-) ). Being able to drive a tractor is an advantage!