Educational internship training bitless


Interested in staying at our stable as a working student?


We have a nice and educational placement for anyone open to a different approach. You learn to deal with horses through body language and our bitless art of riding structure.


Jossy Reynvoet has his own training center. Everything has started with body language with horses and has been extended to Academic Art of Riding in a bitless way.


Jossy Reynvoet is following his training with Bent Branderup in Denmark.


Being a working student means that:

(this is a summary for working with 2 working students) 


* you start working at 07:30 in the morning (every day) with:

- feeding cereals to the stallions in their stable

- preparing the tractor with bags of hey and straw, the wheelbarrow and the cereals of the gelding and the mares

- cleaning the paddocks of the geldings and mares and put straw

- moving the stallions to their paddocks

- cleaning the stables of the stallions and preparing them for their coming back

- feeding the mares and the geldings with the bags of hay

- on Tuesday and Friday (or more in the summer) you go around with the tractor for giving fresh water to the mares and the geldings

* from 12 until 13:30 you help Jossy with bringing horses in training

* at 16:00 the stallions have to come in and the mares and the geldings has to be fed again

* at 19:30 all the horses get their feed for the night


* you get your lessons 3 times a week

* you can watch the lessons and the trainings when your tasks are done

* you can use your free time as you wish on the stable


* you can live for free, your horse gets hay for free

* you need to provide your own meals and you have to buy your own cereals or other if you are used to give that to your horse

We'd like you to stay for minimum 6 weeks.


If you are interested send us your C.V. and your motivation by mail or call us by skype so we can arrange to get to know each other better. Being in the possession of a drivers license is nice.


This is a recognized practical training company: Aequor nB20451


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