All our horses are kept in different herds.


The space we have for the horses is divided into 6 paddocks. That is where the horses spend their time during the winter. They have access to hay almost 24 hours a day. Fresh water is given every morning. Mineral blocks are made avalable in their area. 

Furthermore, they get spelt an lucerne grains twice a day.


During the summer they stay on the meadows, organised according to the method of strip grazing. They also have every day fresh water and mineral blocks at there disposal.


Every day, both in the winter and summer the paddocks and meadows are cleaned out.


During the night the stallions go into their stable.


All our horses are iron free, they are trimmed by myself. Some of them get after removing the irons in the transition phase, hoof boots. I am a traditional farrier. I don't use irons anymore.


Finally, It is the way we as humans become one with nature.

These amazing creatures lure you out and teach you again to enjoy senses like:

the fragrant of the spring, the feel of the warm summer, the refreshing rain on your face, seeing the winter with its white snow, the smell of the rain drops in the forest, feeling the wind in your hair and so much more. 

With your horse you live NOW.