Important to know is that also riders with a bit are welcome!!

I started to ride bitless in 1993.


I wanted my horse to have a kind of freedom. Reach him the possibility to find his own balance without immediately having an iron in his mouth.Through the years of experience, I can determine what a huge change in attitude and behavior that brought into the horses.

In summary, the only difference is that I ride without a bit and without spurs but in the meanwhile I stay true on the Art of Riding. This matter continues to fascinate me, and this is why I daily search for answers.


Through my "Bitless Art of Riding structure" I work to the attention of the horse. I strive to lead the horse without much action of the rope, I look for pure bodylanguage.

Through different techniques I try to build communication so the horse gets more confident. From this trust I continue to build up.


Once I start with gymnastic work to prepare the horse to carry me on his back. Exercises in forward down, lateral bending, stepping under, shoulder in, travers, renvers, the schoolhalt, the schoolwalk, half steps and then pirouette come daily in the training. I use the cavesson and the cavemore.


These are important points to ride bitless and to remain faithful on the  Art of Riding.


Again, the only difference is that everything happens bitless.


I understand that under certain circumstances a bit has to be used.

I leave the choice to the person in question.