Many behavioral and health problems are due to the fact that every horse is born asymmetrical (more left or right bended) an that people ride their horse this way.


BAR (Bitless Art of Riding) teaches to bend our horse more easily to the right or to the left through the straightness training (lateral bending) and the gymnastic (side movements). 

The horse gets collected during a slow process.

The training of a horse takes on average 12 years.


BAR is not a discipline in itself. It supports horses in any discipline to maintain a healthy balance between body and mind.


High school performing exercises on a bitless and harmonious way is the goal of the Bitless Art of Riding. For this I use my own developed cavemore.


And finally: Dressage is meant for the horse.


Since a few years Bent Branderup became my teacher in the Academic Art of Riding. The Bitless Art of riding became my passion. Two times a year we travel to his place in Denmark to have lessons with two horses during one week. I also participate to the clinics Bent Branderup gives in Belgium and in Germany. Once a year Bent Branderup comes to our place.


Since February 2013 I became a Bent Branderup ® Trainer.


"I remain true to my philosophy and continue to train my horses bitless.
I like to share my knowledge with anyone who is open to it. "
Jossy Reynvoet.