Day Clinic

Twice a  month we organise a day clinic.



11u00 - 11u45: Lesson

11u45 - 12u30: Lesson

12u30 - 13u15: Lesson

13u15 - 14u00: Lesson

14u00 - 14u30: lunchtime (please bring your own lunch with you)

14u30 - 15u15: Lesson

15u15 - 16u00: Lesson

16u00 - 16u45: Lesson

16u45 - 17u30: Lesson

17u30 - 18u15: Lesson

18u15 - 19u00: Lesson



* looking at the lessons as long as you want: € 20,00

* taking lessons with your horse: € 55,00 per lesson


The stay for your horse is € 10,00 for the day. 


Please let us know if you need any other information.

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