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Day Clinic on the Bornehoeve as a rider 09-09-23 and 04-11-23

Academy > Day Clinic on the Bornehoeve as a rider 09-09-23 and 04-11-23

Day Clinic on the Bornehoeve as a rider 09-09-23 and 04-11-23

09-09-23 and 04-11-23 A day where we start with a learning block of 1 hour of theory and then practical lessons given in English, Dutch or German, depending on the rider - Break - A second learning block consisting of practical lessons.

As a practical participant you can book 1 or 2 lessons (actually as many as you want ;-) ) in advance. You will receive +/- 40 minutes of instruction. All levels are welcome and we are happy to help. It's not a competition or a show. Have confidence; you'll be fine. You're there because you want to learn or be inspired. There is an atmosphere of mutual support. We understand that when you take a lesson you dare to expose yourself. But we are all grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. We will be waiting for you in the arena after the previous combination has finished their lesson and left the arena. Take it easy.

Your horse will be in a 20m x 10m paddock with a shelter and provided with hay and water. You will need to bring your own hard feed and muck out the paddock. Wheelbarrows and muckers are provided. You can arrive with your horse the day before or in the morning from the day clinic at Bornehoeve (let us know in advance). There is plenty of parking for your car and trailer. Your name will be on the shelter so you know exactly where your horse should be.

During the day clinics, everyone learns from everyone else; you pick up things from all levels. Learn by watching others. In between practical lessons there is time to ask questions. In this way you will gain insight and go home motivated to get started. During a lesson day, Jossy Reynvoet explains a lot to make it clear to everyone. Dare to ask what's on your mind! It's important for you and your horse! You can't ask stupid questions!